Summer Soccer

"Hard Work Beats Talent When Talent Doesn't Work Hard" -T. Notke

Pickup Soccer (K-2)

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MAYSA's Summer Pick-up (K-2) is a recreational program for kids entering Kindergarden in the fall through those currently in second grade (K-2).  We believe that for this very young age group having fun, getting "touches" and simply playing will go a long way towards helping them further develop their skill set and enjoy the game.  
Summer Soccer

The spirit of Summer Pickup Soccer is that of a much less structured or "pickup" game atmosphere.  Adult Coordinators oversee the action while the kids simply play.  Each week teams are created from those children that show up that week.

Summer pickup is conducted at our fields at Cool Springs Fitness.  

Unfortunately summer pickup soccer is cancelled for 2020.

All evenings are designed to be a relaxed family-friendly setting.  While on the fields cheering on kids, we do not permit alcoholic beverages nor smoking.  Also, we ask all cheering keep with the spirit of positive coaching, that is, an instructional, recreational and fun environment for the children.  Thank you.

This programs availability is largely determined by the number of parent volunteers we can recruit to help oversee and guide the pickup sessions.  We only ask that a mature adult help oversee the action, once or twice during June, and make sure everyone stays safe.  You are not being asked to coach, really, just oversee things while the kids play.  No prior experience necessary.

Learn more here: Summer Soccer Pickup FAQs

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Adult Pickup
To be announced

MAYSA's Summer Adult Pick-up is a recreational run for all of us (men and women) who have either never played or played a lot. 

Each week we have players just learning and those who have played in college.

Email us to get on the Adult Soccer email list,   Those on the mailing list will receive an occasional reminder and any changes in the time we play.

Dates and times: TBD  

Playing with other adults is a great way to learn more about the game or just get in a little running.  Even if you can't make it for the full 90 minutes, come for any amount of time.  It's a relaxed fun atmosphere!  

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