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Fall Soccer Details (practices, games, RTP)

posted Aug 8, 2020, 5:43 AM by Maysa   [ updated Aug 26, 2021, 7:00 AM ]
Travel Soccer:

Registration is Closed

Practices: starting Wednesday August 25th from 6:00 - 7:30, then every Wednesday and Friday.

First Games - September 12th

In-House Soccer:

Registration is Closed

First Practices: Thursday, 9/2, 6:00 - 7:00, Coolsprings Fitness Field

First - Last Game: Saturday, 9/11 - Saturday, 10/30 (8 game season)

MAYSA's Fall Return to Play Guidelines for Parents, Players, & Coaches


Ensure your child:
1. Is healthy and their personal equipment is sanitized before coming to activities.
2. Brings their own drink & use only their equipment.
3. Uses hand sanitizer before entering the practice or game area.
    Keeps their equipment out of the field of play and at least 6’ away from other players                     equipment.
    Follow the latest PA DOH and any Local guidelines for face coverings and social distancing.
    Notify a club administrator if your child becomes ill.

    Use hand sanitizer before entering the field and do not touch player equipment during practice.
    Handle all movable equipment (cones, pugs, etc…) without help from players.
    Avoid running drills where the kids need to stand close together waiting their turn to participate.
    Provide a location for each player to go during breaks that keeps them >6ft. away from other         kids.
    Follow the latest PA DOH and any Local guidelines for face coverings and social distancing.
    Keep track of who is and/or is not in attendance at each activity.
    Avoid handshakes, high-5’s or group celebrations
    Notify a club administrator if you become ill.

    Single use bathroom on south end of the field with hand sanitizer and cleaned regularly.

COVID Positive Response
   Coach or administrator will notify the group the player has been in contact with through the       Affinity system without giving the name of the ill individual.

    Those notified should follow any guidance provided by local or state health authority.