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MAYSA (In-House): Parent Reminders (Updated 9/7/14)

posted Aug 20, 2014, 11:48 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Dec 12, 2018, 7:02 AM ]
Parents of In-House Recreational and Instructional Players,

We always tell our youth coaches that they have had a successful season, with kids this age, if the kids are smiling, had fun, learned a little soccer and want to return.  While our registration numbers are up over 25% this year!  The kids are returning and bringing their friends!  That is great news! 

To help practices and match day run as smoothly as possible, we will need your help.  During these early practices please bare with us as we set up teams, get new coaches acclimated, work through finalizing registrations (i.e., birth certificates, etc…) and get the kids to the right place on the field.  We ask for your patience during the first couple practices.  Please understand there will be over 150 players on the fields.  Until you and your child are familiar with how things work, at first, it can seem a bit chaotic and overwhelming.  

Below are a few reminders to help with the first few evenings of practice and the upcoming season.  Please take a couple minutes to read through the entire list:

Latest Reminders (Updated 9/7/14):

1. Practice Time Changed for Open House: The start time of Thursday's (9/11) practice has been moved to 6:30PM in order to allow parents to attend Mercer Elementary school's Open House and hopefully still make all or part of practice.  That even practice will run from 6:30 to 7:40PM.  Open House begins at 5:30.

Each year practice coincides with Mercer Elementary's Open House.  Although we hope all the players make the entire practice, our coaches certainly understand if your child can attend only a portion of practice. 

2. Picture Day/Order Forms: Saturday, September 13th.  Please arrive 45 minutes prior to your scheduled Match in order that we can begin playing on time.  Picture Order Forms are available at the Concession's Stand, Check-In table or can be downloaded here.  

Previous Reminders: 

3. Picture Day/Order Forms: Saturday, September 13th.  Please arrive 45 minutes prior to your scheduled Match in order that we can begin playing on time.  Picture Order Forms are available at the Concession's Stand, Check-In table or can be downloaded here.  

4. Game Seating: This year there are 3 Jr/Sr fields.  We ask that our Junior and Senior Division parents watch the game from one side of the field while the teams and coaches will be on the opposite side.  This will help us reduce distractions, help the players focus on the coach's instructions and allow the coaches to work towards coaching more from the sideline and less from the field.  As an instructional league we encourage our coaches to be on the field during the first few weeks (to help the players with positioning).  However, as the season progresses we do work towards coaching more from the sidelines and having the players play.

5. Schedules: Team Schedules are available here.  Schedules include the team you play, field and shirt color (red or reversible white). 

6. Equipment : All children must have the red/white reversible MAYSA Mesh Team Shirt, order through our online registration process.  Shirts from previous years are fine.  Shin guards with socks over the top are required to play.  Soccer cleats or turf shoes are encouraged but not mandatory. Soccer cleats do not have a toe cleat (that's the cleat at the very front of the shoe).  Baseball and football cleats do have a toe cleat and can not be used for soccer.

7.  Practice/Team Shirts:  Players do not need to wear their MAYSA playing shirt for any practices throughout the year, although they are always welcome to wear them.  If you ordered a MAYSA playing shirt, you will be able to pick it up at the Check-in table during the first or second week of practice. 

8. Practice Locations: All In-House practice take place at our fields located at Cool Springs Fitness.  During the first and second practice you will see three red flags located at different areas of the fields.  Each flag represents an particular area (Beginner, Junior, and Senior).
  • Beginner players practice and  play at the field area closest to the Concession Stand
  •  Juniors practice and play in the middle fields
  • Seniors practice and play at the far (north) end furthest from the Concession Stand.
9.  Swap Box: There are many pairs of slightly worn soccer spikes available for the kids, so please take what you need.

10.  Not-a-Drop-Off:  MAYSA's practices and games are not considered a "drop off" situation.  We ask all parents or guardians to be at the fields while their child is playing or practicing.       

11. Parking & Crosswalk:  There will be over 145 players arriving and practicing at the fields, please drive with great care when entering or leaving the field parking lot areas.  Please park in the two gravel lots closest to the Soccer Fields or at the far end (North end) of the fields.  Please do not park in the paved fitness center lots.  

12. Weather: Generally, soccer and MAYSA play in the rain, but not in a torrential downpour and not if there is lightening present.  For the most part, the kids don't mind the rain and mud and seem to enjoy an occasional game in rain.
Our fields were built with special drainage underneath and even after a great deal of rain we are often able to play.  However, if we decide early in the day that a practice or matches can not be held due to weather, we will attempt to email and text everyone on or before 4:30pm.  If you do not receive an email or text on or before 4:30pm, then any weather decisions will be made at the fields.  For the most part, 99% of the time, we make practice and game decision at the fields.
If during practice or matches there is lightening present, then we will ask everyone to leave the field, get in their cars and we will take a 20-30 minute break.  When possible we communicate and coordinate with the Cool Springs Fitness (CSF) pool manager.  CSF's pool policy also requires the pool to be shut down if lightening is present.  We may begin games again after a 20-30 minute break, however, if we see any repeat lighting, we will be done. 

13. Field Conduct: MAYSA soccer is an instructional recreational program.  We strive to insure family-friendly environment for our players, coaches, referees and families.  There is no smoking and no alcohol permitted while at the fields.  Also, abusive or negative comments directed at the players, coaches or referees will not be tolerated.  Help us maintain an environment in which our players can play, learn and grow.

14. Team Assignments: We do our very best to finalize team assignments before the first practice end.  However, sometime we need until a little more time.  If for any reason we do not finalize team assignments prior to the end of the first practice, we will contact you via email within a couple days.  Also, Team Assignments will be available at the Check-In Table as you arrive for the  second week's practice.

15. First Practice (Thursday, August 21st): Please plan on arriving a few minutes early.  
  • Everyone must visit the "Check-In" desk as they arrive at the fields.  Players that have played before or know where to go, do not need to wait in line and may go directly onto the fields.  This will help us finalize registrations, team assignments and answer any questions you may have. 
  • 2. High school coaches and players run the first practice:  MAYSA In-House has a long standing practice of doing everything possible to not turn away any child that wishes to play soccer.  To help us with that goal, finalize registrations, team assignments, further review coaching policies and more, each year the Mercer Mustang boys or girls high school coaches and players run the first evening's practice.  
16. Kindergarden OrientationSome Beginning Level players may miss a portion of the first practice due to the Kindergarten Orientation which annually takes place on the first evening of practice.  Our coaches are aware and understand.  If you can make a portion of the practice, check-in and meet your child's coach, that would great.  

Finally, If you haven't yet sign up for our text messages, take minute to do so by texting followmaysa to 84483.  You should receive an immediate response confirming you've been added to the list.

Honor the game,

MAYSA Soccer In-House Instructional/Recreational Team