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Online Registration Update . . .

posted Jun 1, 2015, 10:21 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Aug 3, 2015, 8:41 AM ]
If you have experienced any problems while attempting to register recently, please read the following:  Although online registration is proceeding well, there have been a few reports of registration sessions ending halfway through the process or certain drop-down menu options not be available.  If you have experienced any trouble registering or been unable to register, please contact us at Registration@MercerSoccer.org or EmailUs@MercerSoccer.org and we will get you registered.

MAYSA's registration system is provided by Affinity Sports through an agreement with our parent organization PA West Soccer.  The online registration system has worked very well over the past few years.  In the past the registration system was designed to work with desktop and laptop computers.  With the increasing number of mobile devices Affinity Sports recently optimized the registration process website to enable registration via all mobile devices.

While Affinity Sports was optimizing the system over the past couple of months, some folks may have experienced trouble registering.  Any troubles related to the optimization for mobile devices should have been corrected and should be a thing of the past.

However, one problem some folks continue to experience is when the system "times out" or starts over in the middle of the registration process.  This is actually a security measure designed into the Affinity Sports system.  Due to the sensitive nature of the information being entered during registration and with access to the system (now) often being via public wi-fi areas, temporary wi-fi areas, etc..., the system will "time-out" if information is not entered in a timely manner.  

Thus, Affinity Sports recommends having all the necessary information available prior to beginning the online registration process.

Therefore, prior to registering online for the first time it may be helpful to have all the information necessary before beginning.  The information needed to complete registration includes:
  • A child's medical/Dr contact information
  • Copy of birth certificated (you will only have to enter this once)
  • Parent or guardian contact information
  • Recent photo (for player's PA West card)
  • Payment information
We apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced during Affinity Sports recent optimization of the registration system.  Again if you continue to have any troubles contact us at Registration@MercerSoccer.org or EmailUs@MercerSoccer.org and we will make sure to get you registered.

BTW:  Fall Travel Soccer registration deadline is July 29th.   
            Fall In-House registration will continue through mid-August.  
            Contact us with any questions for troubles.