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posted Sep 17, 2015, 5:54 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Oct 5, 2015, 10:33 AM ]
Back by poplar demand: Pizza-n-Practice Thursdays!  
  • Get a 9-Cut pizza delivered to the practice field!
  • Only $9.99!
  • All proceeds benefit MAYSA!
  • Must order through MAYSA
Again this year, our friendly neighborhood Pizza Joes has partnered with MAYSA on a great deal!  

Thursday's can be a bit hectic.  Our family is running around after school trying to complete homework, prepare dinner, get the kids changed and get to the fields on time.  Maybe the following will help: You can order, through MAYSA, a Pizza Joe's 9-cut pizza with one topping for only $9.99!  All pizzas will be delivered to the fields at approximately 5:30pm.

Further, all proceeds go directly to MAYSA!  This is potentially a win/win/win for busy parents, MAYSA and our local Pizza Joe's!  For details on how to order your Pizza, have it delivered to the fields at 5:30PM and pay, read below. 

Can I order today?
Yes.  Orders will be accepted anytime before Thursday at 2:00PM.  The delivery to the field for $9.99 per pizza offer is valid only on orders placed through MAYSA.  

How do I order?  
Email us your order at Concessions@MercerSoccer.org.  Include your full name and a contact phone number (home or cell phone number) which may be used to verify your order if your email is not recognized. 

What can I order?
This year we have five (5) possible orders:
  • 9-cut Pizza Plain
  • 9-cut Pizza with Pepperoni
  • 9-cut Pizza with Sausage
  • 9-cut Pizza with Mushroom
  • 9-cut Pizza with Bacon
Can I order slices?
Sorry, but only 9-cut pizzas can be ordered.  

When can I pick up my pizza?
Your pizza order will be delivered to the fields, just prior to 5:30PM on Thursday and available at the Concession Stand.

How do pay?
We will accept cash payments (only) at the field via our normal Concession Stand arrangement.  

What if I order and practice is cancelled?
The pizza orders will be at Concession Stand at 5:30 even if we don't play soccer.

What if I ordered, but for some reason do not make it to the fields that evening?
We know that things happen, however, we ask that you please understand that if you email us with an order, MAYSA will have already paid for your order before you pick it up.  Thus, upon placing an order, you accept and agree that you are responsible for the full cost of your order.

Can I cancel? 
A cancellation request (via email) will be accepted only if it is received before noon on Thursday and only after it is confirmed by phone.  Please include a contact phone number on any email request to cancel an order. 

Questions and Orders:

Thanks Pizza Joe's!