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Juggle Club

The Juggle Club is designed to give our players an opportunity to increase their skill on the ball and provide them an opportunity to display their skills for their team and parents. This is program is also designed to increase the parent involvement in their child's progress.
The process of setting goals, working towards those goals, and acheiving goals is an important life skill. While the players focus on soccer specific goals, this should be a life skill that transends the soccer field in the players future.

Congratulations to our juggle club members. Make sure to give them the recognition they deserve the next time you see them. Results are kept here for those that want to keep track of their progress. OTD Progress 
5 Juggle Club
 Sara "Hitman" Garci
 Jordan "Decibels" Ferguson 
 Kaitlyn "Mosi" Isom
 Lauren "CaveGirl" Kelly
 Tatum "Tots" Sailors
20 Juggle Club
35 Juggle Club
10 Juggle Club
25 Juggle Club
40 Juggle Club
15 Juggle Club
30 Juggle Club
45 Juggle Club